Chilling Out at the Laundry!

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So a slightly less intense blog entry today for MBL in order to share some goings on about current and upcoming improvements in the laundry. It’s true that one of the tough things about doing laundry in summer here in Melbourne is the heat.  Whether you are cooped up at home or visiting your local Laundromat, the stark reality is that it’s gonna be HOT!  We have six fans and two air conditioners but still sometimes the mercury creeps up well above an already blistering Melbourne summer day peak, especially when we top 35+ with many dryers firing up all at once.  For years not much was done about this but after my first summer in the laundrette last year we knew things were going to have to change.

Our plan was to implement a few things to try and make the experience over summer a little bit more comfortable for our customers starting with a really good cleanout of the dryer vents & fans as well as a full internal clean of our aircon units with an added anti-bacterial treatment. This has given us almost double the power and efficiency! (Pics below)

Removing the build up of lint in the dryer vents.  This holds far less heat now

Removing the build up of lint in the dryer vents. This holds far less heat now

Amed doing a great job totally cleaning out the aircon systems

Amed doing a great job totally cleaning out the aircon systems

The next step was to rethink how the air flows in and out of the laundry, so over the coming weeks we will be investing into an extraction fan and intake system to try and get rid of as much heat as possible allowing the aircons to better do their job…  It won’t be perfect but a HUGE improvement on what we have had in the past and we hope you feel far more comfortable coming in over these next few hot months.

We hope you all have a fantastic Spring and Summer and we will definitely continue to post interesting updates and observations in our blog, not only about what is going on within the laundry but all the great stuff that wonderful Fitzroy has to offer over this great time to be outdoors.  

Happy washing guys!

Finding Your Groove at the Laundry

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Have you ever had a moment when you were caught out singing in your car or bopping along to a great song in your car or at the supermarket?

Last week, a woman came into the laundrette to do her washing, a regular customer, very quiet and always keeping to herself. One of the great things about our laundry is the crazy, random selection of music from all eras and genres which people love. Anyway, Pharrell’s  ‘Happy’ comes on and this normally reserved, middle aged, lovely lady starts to dance…… now I’m not talking about the little step tap shuffle you catch burley Aussie blokes doing whilst drinking beer at the bar when they think their mates aren’t watching. I’m talking hip boppin’, leg kicking, ballet spinning jive! No care in the world with people both inside and outside the laundry looking on. This lady was just enjoying the music, washing some clothes in a Fitzroy Laundromat in the middle of the day.Dance

I thought to myself…. I love this song and I love to dance, but I don’t think I would so easily do what she is doing. But why I pondered? I mean, I would do it in a club or at a party on the weekend but why not here and now? In fact, I catch people dancing and singing in our laundrette all the time but many stop as soon as someone else comes in. Would you dance if you heard your favourite song, not caring who sees you?

I thought, at what point in life do we lose our child like view of the world where having fun is just doing what you actually want to do because you are inspired to do so no matter what anyone else thinks?  When did we lose our Groove? Since taking over this business I have met so many people like this amazing lady who challenge this false belief that doing something as simple as dancing to a song in public is not the ‘proper’ thing to do.   Maybe it’s living and running a business in Fitzroy that exposes me to so many people who live life in a more liberal way. Being in this great suburb in such a wonderful city has really made me think that maybe I have learned something about enjoying the small moments in life that we so often let slip by because we think way too much about what others may think. Before I moved here from interstate many years ago I would likely be one to judge, laugh or feel embarrassed but now I celebrate those brave people who enjoy life whenever the moment compels them.

So next time you are out shopping, driving in your car or even washing your clothes in a laundry and the moment inspires you to sing or dance, yell or laugh out loud, ask yourself, why not? Just maybe, we might find our groove again.

Happy washing guys!

My Beautiful Fitzroy

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So I had a crazy idea to start a blog for our laundrette, My Beautiful Laundrette to be exact. How interesting can a laundry and doing washing be right? Love it or hate it, it’s a basic necessity of life, unless of course you live in a nudist colony. If you told me a couple years ago that I would own and operate a commercial laundrette I would have laughed like a school girl at you, I mean how ridiculous would it be to quit the corporate high-flyer life and do something so crazy! Well… turns out, pretty crazy as that is exactly what I did. The funny thing is, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, besides challenging my now beautiful fiancé to a high stakes game of pool nine years ago (that’s a story for another day ;-)

I now meet the most interesting and amazing people every day. People I would likely never had the neither opportunity nor reason to talk with before. It’s funny, you think a suit job lets you meet so many people, which is true but, they are all kind of the same. Same expensive clothes and same stilted conversations, many of the people underneath the tailored suit or dress are hidden behind a vale of professionalism, fear or ego. Leaving this life has lifted a veil that has opened up a brighter state of being, I actually now know what it like to be a local living in a community and not just a local who has a house in a community. Everyone I meet is truly different; professionals, tradies, artists, students, business owners, retirees, migrants and even homeless. All have a unique personality and great story to tell, if you just slow down and take the time to listen to it. The funny thing about owning such an iconic and visited place in middle of such a melting pot is that, no matter whom you are, one day or every day you will end up visiting our laundry. Outside people just pass each other by, seldom ever wondering who the other is but inside people are often compelled to do such a simple thing which the outside world seems to have forgotten how to do… the simple act of saying “hello”. One simple yet powerful word has led to witnessing some of the deepest, funniest and weirdest conversations I have ever heard! People walk in just looking to do some laundry and they walk out often having experienced something they would never have just outside the doors, a brief yet wonderfully unexpected connection to another human being, oh and really clean fresh smelling laundry ;-)

We come from all walks of life but inside My Beautiful Laundrette, in my beautiful Fitzroy we are all just ordinary people, washing some clothes, saying hello.


New Blog Page

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Welcome to the new My Beautiful Laundrette BLOG page!  Look out for future posts, hints and tips, stories, local reviews, customer feedback and some funnies.  Please contact us should you wish us to answer any laundry related questions also.

Cheers.  MBL Team