Instructions – Liquid and Powder Detergent DispenserDetergent Machines

The Liquid Detergent machine provides concentrated liquid detergent for use with all washing machines in the laundry.

Insert 1 x $1 coin ONLY for one portion of liquid detergent into top slot. Please note, this machine ONLY accepts $1 Coins and no other denomination of coin.

If you require change, the change machine in the laundry can break $2 coins and notes into $1 coins.

We ask that you please return the cup to the machine once finished with it.

Generally speaking one portion is sufficient for a 6.5kg wash, one-two for a 12kg and two+ for a 16/22kg machine.

The Powder Detergent machine (also Liquid Fabric Softener available) is a simple slider machine mechanism. Please insert 2 x $1 only into slider and press all the way in to dispense a single serve of either detergent or softener.

One Sachet is sufficient for any load (half for 6.5kg recommended)