Instructions – 14kg Dryers

All Dryers at My Beautiful Laundrette are the same size and very similar in operation. There are two specific types of control one is based on a LEVER and the other on a 3-Position Switch.  With each you can set the desired temperature from Low to High.

Open dryer, ensure that is it empty and load wet washing. Please ensure not to fill above half way, it is much better and more efficient to use a second dryer than to overload one as you will end up spending more overall with one.

CAUTION – Commercial dryers are much hotter than domestic machines so take care when choosing how hot and how long to dry for. As a general rule:

  1. Towels = Hot/HighDryer2 switch Dryer1 Analog
  2. Clothing = Warm/Medium
  3. Linen (sheets etc) = Warm/Low
  4. Delicates = Warm/Low
  5. Woollens, Leather, Polyester and Nylons are advised to hang dry and not be put into dryers
  6. * Dryers work only with $1 coins and can be stacked for multiples of the drying time