Finding Your Groove at the Laundry

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Have you ever had a moment when you were caught out singing in your car or bopping along to a great song in your car or at the supermarket?

Last week, a woman came into the laundrette to do her washing, a regular customer, very quiet and always keeping to herself. One of the great things about our laundry is the crazy, random selection of music from all eras and genres which people love. Anyway, Pharrell’s  ‘Happy’ comes on and this normally reserved, middle aged, lovely lady starts to dance…… now I’m not talking about the little step tap shuffle you catch burley Aussie blokes doing whilst drinking beer at the bar when they think their mates aren’t watching. I’m talking hip boppin’, leg kicking, ballet spinning jive! No care in the world with people both inside and outside the laundry looking on. This lady was just enjoying the music, washing some clothes in a Fitzroy Laundromat in the middle of the day.Dance

I thought to myself…. I love this song and I love to dance, but I don’t think I would so easily do what she is doing. But why I pondered? I mean, I would do it in a club or at a party on the weekend but why not here and now? In fact, I catch people dancing and singing in our laundrette all the time but many stop as soon as someone else comes in. Would you dance if you heard your favourite song, not caring who sees you?

I thought, at what point in life do we lose our child like view of the world where having fun is just doing what you actually want to do because you are inspired to do so no matter what anyone else thinks?  When did we lose our Groove? Since taking over this business I have met so many people like this amazing lady who challenge this false belief that doing something as simple as dancing to a song in public is not the ‘proper’ thing to do.   Maybe it’s living and running a business in Fitzroy that exposes me to so many people who live life in a more liberal way. Being in this great suburb in such a wonderful city has really made me think that maybe I have learned something about enjoying the small moments in life that we so often let slip by because we think way too much about what others may think. Before I moved here from interstate many years ago I would likely be one to judge, laugh or feel embarrassed but now I celebrate those brave people who enjoy life whenever the moment compels them.

So next time you are out shopping, driving in your car or even washing your clothes in a laundry and the moment inspires you to sing or dance, yell or laugh out loud, ask yourself, why not? Just maybe, we might find our groove again.

Happy washing guys!

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