My Beautiful Fitzroy

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So I had a crazy idea to start a blog for our laundrette, My Beautiful Laundrette to be exact. How interesting can a laundry and doing washing be right? Love it or hate it, it’s a basic necessity of life, unless of course you live in a nudist colony. If you told me a couple years ago that I would own and operate a commercial laundrette I would have laughed like a school girl at you, I mean how ridiculous would it be to quit the corporate high-flyer life and do something so crazy! Well… turns out, pretty crazy as that is exactly what I did. The funny thing is, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, besides challenging my now beautiful fiancé to a high stakes game of pool nine years ago (that’s a story for another day ;-)

I now meet the most interesting and amazing people every day. People I would likely never had the neither opportunity nor reason to talk with before. It’s funny, you think a suit job lets you meet so many people, which is true but, they are all kind of the same. Same expensive clothes and same stilted conversations, many of the people underneath the tailored suit or dress are hidden behind a vale of professionalism, fear or ego. Leaving this life has lifted a veil that has opened up a brighter state of being, I actually now know what it like to be a local living in a community and not just a local who has a house in a community. Everyone I meet is truly different; professionals, tradies, artists, students, business owners, retirees, migrants and even homeless. All have a unique personality and great story to tell, if you just slow down and take the time to listen to it. The funny thing about owning such an iconic and visited place in middle of such a melting pot is that, no matter whom you are, one day or every day you will end up visiting our laundry. Outside people just pass each other by, seldom ever wondering who the other is but inside people are often compelled to do such a simple thing which the outside world seems to have forgotten how to do… the simple act of saying “hello”. One simple yet powerful word has led to witnessing some of the deepest, funniest and weirdest conversations I have ever heard! People walk in just looking to do some laundry and they walk out often having experienced something they would never have just outside the doors, a brief yet wonderfully unexpected connection to another human being, oh and really clean fresh smelling laundry ;-)

We come from all walks of life but inside My Beautiful Laundrette, in my beautiful Fitzroy we are all just ordinary people, washing some clothes, saying hello.


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