Commercial laundry should be more than just ‘another service’ – it should be treated as a partnership between businesses that work together to achieve the best outcome for each other. Since starting way back in the 70’s, My Beautiful Laundrette on Brunswick St has had a long and colourful history of closely working with Fitzroy’s local business community: it is this loyalty and community focus that has allowed us to continue offering our commercial laundry services for these many years (and hopefully for many more to come!) Supporting local businesses and helping them grow is a passion of ours and if you’ve been in the industry for as long as we have, you get to work with a whole bunch of different ones. Each business is more unique than the last: from cosy cafes in Brunswick & Smith Streets and boutique hair salons in Collingwood & Carlton, to rustic restaurants and bustling gyms in Fitzroy & Fitzroy North… The list goes on!

The thing about working with small businesses is: you don’t just work with the business itself – you actually get to know the people behind the counter; out in the kitchen; at the sink. That means developing a partnership – and a good business partnership you can count on can’t be measured in dollars and cents. That’s why we do what we do: we’re not just trying to deliver laundry, linen & tea towel services on time and with a smile – we’re hoping to deliver total peace of mind direct to the door of any small business from a commercial laundry service you can depend on.

Something often left by the wayside is the ‘customer first’ philosophy: what ever happened to businesses firmly focusing on the individual needs of their clients? What ever happened to providing friendly, flexible and quality services that small, local businesses can trust? Have we fallen victim to the corporate mantra of “As cheap and nasty as they will pay for”? Have we been sold on the idea that the lowest price with no frills is the best for our businesses?

Doing business should be fun, not adversarial because that’s when a relationship benefits you most: a sustainable, long-term partnership grounded in loyalty and based on mutual respect helps keep your business booming. Of course, keeping costs low in this day and age is very important – however, I often think back to what my father used to say in his 35 years of business: “Give me your VALUE, not your PRICE”. This has stuck with me my entire life. “Value”: how to conduct a service and offer the highest amount of value to our business partners that is both win-win and sustainable… This is the true formula for longevity, success and enjoyment in what we do.

There is nothing trendy about washing tea towels & linen. Though for our part, we know that – even behind the scenes – we provide an important service for our partners and always strive to provide above and beyond what is expected, so as to not be just ‘another service’.

Happy washing!

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