Instructions – 16kg &22kg Front Loader Washer (Primus)22kg Primus

  1. Open the door pressing the ORANGE button on the control panel
  2. Ensure the machine is empty inside (good to spin a couple of times)
  3. Load washing into tub and fill up to fist height from the top without squeezing in. Washing needs room to move!
  4. Close door ensuring no items are stuck in the rubber seal and lock handle to the left/down position
  5. Select Washing Temperate: HOTER, WARMER, COLDER
  6. Select NORMAL Cycle or PREWASH (Switch LEFT of Temperate) – Prewash is only recommended for very soiled/dirty items
  7. Select NORMAL or GENTLE Cycle (Switch RIGHT of Temperate) – Gentle for Woollens and/or Delicates
  8. Add Detergent into large opening of the fill tub above the machine (Careful as there is a WASH and PREWASH TUB!)
  9. Add Fabric softener into the small opening of the same fill tub (optional)
  10. The machine is now ready to insert coins ($1 & $2 coins only). Once inserted the cycle will automatically begin.
  11. IF THE MACHINE FAILS TO START – 1. Check a temperature button is selected   2. Check the door is closed properly (push hard)
  12. Normal wash is approximately 28min added Prewash takes about 35min
  13. Only when completely finished will the ORANGE Open door button activate allowing you to open the door
  14. PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK THE MACHINE IS COMPLETELY EMPTY (best to spin a few times as socks stick to the roof!)