Stains are not always permanent, but you must act quickly to have any chance of removing a new stain from any piece of clothing or linen.

There is no exact science or one simple solution to stain removal and it does take a bit of patience and care to beat them. Be gentle as the more you rub the more you work it in and generally initially/pre treat in colder water, never hot.

You can always use an off the shelf stain remover but despite the commercials we find these are bit hit and miss and can sometimes be a little harsh on fabric. These tips are a little more “home remedy” focused with what you might have readily and cheaply available.

For the different stains below, here are some tips that work for us. Whilst not full proof they may give you a fighting chance. Good luck!

Blood (Team Edward):

Rinse immediately under cold running water and the soak in solution water with either salt or bi-carb soda. Let soak for 10-15min then warm machine wash.

Red wine (Sexy Date or Home Alone?): 

Rinse immediately under cold running water and the soak in solution water with either salt or bi-carb soda. Lemon juice before washing has also been known to be effective.

Chewing gum (The Checkout Chick): 

It sounds like a wives tale but with chewing gum, try placing the garment in a plastic bag in the freezer until it hardens, or apply ice in to the gum to harden it. The gum can then be scraped or cracked off. Washing will not generally remove Gum.

Chocolate (Everyone has a vice!):

Just about every shirt I wear in front of the TV gets a serve or this. First try carefully scrape off what you can using a blunt but strait object i.e. butter knife or spoon edge. Rinse the stain from the rear side with cold running water then soak in soapy solution (detergent or dishwashing liquid) for 20min before washing normally.

Sauce (The Cook):

Act quick with Sauce should and wash out with warm soapy water. Blot the area with damp sponge and then blot dry with a cloth. If white items, add a little liquid bleach to warm water directly to the area. UV (direct sunlight) has also been known to break down these types of stains so leave out in the sun for a couple of hours after spot cleaning and then wash normally.

Egg (Kids Breakfast):

Try sprinkling salt directly on the stain to draw and dry it out. If done quickly and correctly the dried egg may brush off. Follow by blot dabbing the area with cold water (could also use mild detergent). We have been told that a little ammonia also does wonders but make sure it is diluted.

Collar stains (Corporate High Flyer):

Pre-treat with a strong liquid detergent or a powder detergent paste prior to washing (lots of detergent in a small mixing bowl with just a little water)

Curry (Take out night):

This is a nasty one and also one to be very careful with. Soak in warm water then work some alcohol into the stain. You can also use a little bleach.

Deodorant (Don’t Sweat the small stuff):

Citric juice is a good one for these stains. Soak the area and let stand for a few minutes before normally adding to the wash.

Mustard (The Hot Dog Lover):

Use a sponge/cloth with soapy water directly on the area first. Ammonia is also good for Mustard as well as glycerine except on delicates like silk.

Paint (The DIY Renovator): 

Oil based paint needs turpentine or paint thinner to clean the stain ready for washing. Water based paints can be treated by first running under cold water and then pre-treated with an aerosol stain remover or by liquid detergent before being washed normally.

Candle Wax (Date Night):

First try scrape off what you can carefully so as to not damage the material. Get your iron and put it on low heat, place the garment wax side down on our board and place a piece of paper towel beneath it. Carefully iron so the wax melts and bonds to the paper towel. Repeat a few times until all gone.

Rust (Give me that Tetanus shot!):

Lemon juice for light coloured items then washed and rinsed thoroughly. For Dark items first treat with soapy water, then diluted lemon juice, and finally dabbed with some pure spirits/alcohol. Rust remover can be used very carefully if suitable for fabrics.


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